The human brain is so fascinating. The brain has the unique capability to form new synapses or connections, especially in response to learning, experience, or after an injury like a stroke. Repetitions and consistent physical practice through functional training help reorganize the brain and stimulate Neuroplasticity. Watch the video from SENTIS to understand Neuroplasticity.


Do you know that it takes 10,000 repetitions of steps to change a walking pattern? Such high recurrences can only occur with a combination of technology and expertise, such as gait training on a treadmill, consistency of functional movement training at home, with thoughtful home exercises designed to your specific needs.

We strongly believe that recovery happens at home. For this reason, we take caregiver training seriously. We believe in empowering patients and their families. You will learn strategies to implement and mold your brain to build strong permanent connections and ingrained movement patterns with our help.

Physical therapists at  Asara Physical Therapy and Balance Clinic have helped children and adults relearn how to stand, walk, climb, run and improve many functional movements with our skilled expertise.