Balance is defined as the ability to maintain the body’s center of mass over its base of support. To break it down, the inherent ability to maintain our stability while we are walking on level ground, gravel, grass, stepping over a curb, or getting down an elevator is Balance. In everyday situations, such activities are automatic and do not require any effort or attention.

However, in individuals experiencing a balance dysfunction, these daily activities become very tiring, challenging, and even dangerous.



Balance and Multiple Systems Working Together

Several sensory systems work together to maintain Balance.

The sensory systems send the information to the brain. The brain sends commands to the muscles and joints to help us move in a coordinated fashion. 

The several sensory systems that play a crucial role in Balance are the 

  • Somatosensory system, information from the feet, hands as we walk or move
  • Visual system, our eyes send constant feedback to the brain, scanning the surroundings and environment that we move in
  • Vestibular system, our equilibrium organ in the inner ear that tells the brain the position of the head with the body, and 

 Motor system information from our muscles, joints while we are moving. Our brain processes all this information in a fraction of seconds. It sends feedback to the rest of the body to move in a coordinated manner.


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At Asara Physical therapy and Balance Clinic, therapists are highly skilled and trained in evaluating the multifactorial nature of balance dysfunction and helping patients improve their Balance by targeting the weaker system involved. In conditions of severe compromise of the sensory system such as, if a person cannot see from macular degeneration;  or if they cannot feel the floor because of peripheral neuropathy;  or if they suffer from severe vestibular loss, therapists teach the other systems to take over the weaker system and compensate for the deficit. 

Our goal is to relentlessly work on your Balance until you stay steady on your feet and help you get back to the life you love and live.