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I Don't Have Medical Insurance. What Are My Options?

We Treat Patients With Or Without Insurance

Lack of Insurance is a big problem, and you are not alone. As per the United States Census Bureau, about 9.2 % of the population, or 29.6 million, had no health insurance at the time of their conducted interview. (https://www.census.gov/library/publications/2020/demo/p60-271.html)

According to the research by the US Census Gov, in the year 2019, the number of uninsured individuals has increased compared to the previous year in 19 US States.

In the state of Texas, the percentage of the population without health insurance coverage in the year 2021 is 18%.

Population Without Health Insurance Coverage by State: 2019 and 2021 (census.gov)

We can only imagine the effect COVID-19 has this year on increased unemployment leading to individuals losing insurance.

Challenging situations leading to losing insurance can be from

  • Unemployment or having to close your small business
  • You are visiting your family in the United States, unexpectedly needing therapy services but did not have medical insurance.

Or Simply Put

  • You don't want to deal with the high deductible costs of your insurance.


We hear you and are ready to help. We offer affordable options to assist your rehabilitation needs.

Check our affordable non-participating fees or out-of-pocket fees here-

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First Visit or Initial Evaluation is $150

Follow up visit  or Daily Treatment is $125


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Pro Package
$150 per visit
6-8 visits
Elite Package
$125 per visit
10-12 visits

I Don't Have A Physician Script, Can I Still See A Physical Therapist?

Yes, You Can. We Are Direct Access Providers In The State Of Texas.

We realize that some patients may or may not have a physician script.

We are direct access providers; you can walk-in directly to our door to be evaluated by highly skilled physical therapists. Therapists at Asara are highly qualified, competent to diagnose you and offer you tailored physical therapy treatments.

Patients who receive timely rehabilitation care are proven to recover faster and better. We help patients get their treatment quickly by providing solutions for all barriers in health care access.

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Telehealth Services

Learn how Telehealth sessions are conducted

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of electronic communication or telecommunication technology to connect patients with clinicians virtually.

How are Telehealth sessions conducted?

We use HIPAA-compliant video calls, electronic health questionnaires, and video exercises to treat patients remotely. More so, we can even train your caregiver to offer you hands-on support while you are performing exercises that target your mobility, Balance, and pain.

When can Telehealth be used?

If you are unable to make the appointment because of

  • Weather conditions,
  • Transportation issues,
  • Caregiver unavailability or
  • COVID-19 Pandemic

We can provide a practical Telehealth session to treat you at the convenience of your home.

Does my insurance cover Telehealth?

All insurances cover Telehealth Sessions.


Is Telehealth the right choice for me?

Recovery starts at home. Changing your posture, exercising at home, and making modifications to your daily routine at home are known to produce long-term results, as consistency is the key to success.

Physical therapist gains better insight into your home environment,

can suggest and correct exercise techniques, train caregivers, and provide tools to practice the exercises consistently at home.

Watch the video to learn the top 5 benefits of Telehealth.

How do I prepare myself for a good Telehealth Visit?

Download this pdf to learn about things you could do in advance for a better Telehealth experience.

Are you still not convinced?

Let us take you through the experience.

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