We use the latest technology, coupled with evidence-based practice, and tailor treatment sessions around the patient’s unique needs.

Patients are treated one on one, with a dedicated therapist following the entire plan of care.

What does Gait Analysis Mean ? Gait analysis in simpler words means assessing the way  a person walks or runs. The human walking motion is also called a gait cycle. It comprises several sub-components of movements that repeat themselves with every stride you take.  Our body’s joints and musc...Read More
What is a Vestibular Disorder, and what are the symptoms of it? The vestibular system is a sensory organ in the inner that helps an individual maintain equilibrium. Diseases, infections, trauma, autoimmune disorders, or sometimes unknown causes can lead to Vestibular System Dysfunction. Symptoms fro...Read More
The human brain is so fascinating. The brain has the unique capability to form new synapses or connections, especially in response to learning, experience, or after an injury like a stroke. Repetitions and consistent physical practice through functional training help reorganize the brain and stimula...Read More
Balance is defined as the ability to maintain the body’s center of mass over its base of support. To break it down, the inherent ability to maintain our stability while we are walking on level ground, gravel, grass, stepping over a curb, or getting down an elevator is Balance. In everyday situ...Read More
The goal of any digital technology should be towards improving access to healthcare and improving convenience. We are committed to your success during our care and also beyond the visit. We partnered with award-winning and innovative digital resources. AthenaHealth- Schedule visits, fill patient inf...Read More